Friday, 8 November 2013

Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday Deluxe Edition Perfume is available online....!!!!!

The Pink Friday Nick Minaj Deluxe Edition is a 'must-have' perfume spray created as a limited edition collectible for Nicki's fans. A rare find, this stunning statuesque silhouette of Nicki is colored gold with her shining nameplate and a fiery new glossy black wig. 
With a unique blend of luxurious ingredients, the signature perfume has a value of over $1,000. 

The intoxicating scent of Pink Friday Nicki Minaj is re-interpreted as a rich and seductive perfume - the ultra-luxe floral musk is intensified, emphasizing sensuality through its exhilarating bold and sexy notes.
(A $1,000 value) Only $75! Get it HERE at Macy's.
Nicki has also stated that this deluxe edition will be available in the UK on November 29 and in Australia on Valentines Day.
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