Even if Eminem’s more poppier efforts don’t grate your ears, your inner hip-hop purist will be jumping for joy at this latest cut (or at least a 90-second preview of it). Slim Shady takes it all the way back to 1993 — before his Infinite or Rawkus days — to lyrically somersault all over Black Moon’s “I Got Cha Opin,” which appeared on their seminal debut album, Enta Da Stage. Buckshot also features on the track, but it remains to be seen whether that means we’ll be getting a new verse or just his original one.
“Don’t Front” serves as an exclusive bonus track for those who pre-order The Marshall Mathers LP 2/Call of Duty: Ghosts bundle pack, available now on Eminem.com. Both titles arrive this Tuesday (November 5).
Listen to a preview of “Don’t Front” after the jump…

New Music: Eminem Feat. Buckshot “Don’t Front” (Preview)
Original: Black Moon “I Got Cha Opin”