Friday, 8 November 2013

Nelly Defends Drake As An R&B Rapper

Nelly defends Drake
Despite all of his achievements, awards and record sales, Canadian rapper Drake still can’t get the respect he thinks he deserves. At issue is the continued criticism of Drake as more of a singer than a rapper.
St. Louis rapper Nelly rushed to Drake’s defense saying an artist shouldn’t be limited to just rapping.
“The guy sold damn near 800,000 the first week – so it’s a lot of fans that like Drake’s singing,” said Nelly in an interview with Vlad-TV.

“As an artist, you can’t have a stigma put on yourself as far as what you can do and what you can’t do,” Nelly continued. “You just try to be the best artist that you can be. We’re in a time right now where being an artist doesn’t limit you to rapping. It just doesn’t limit you to singing. It limits you to create. All your job is is to create good music. He’s creating good music. Fans that don’t like to hear Drake sing, then switch to the next song where he’s rapping.”
Nelly said he could relate to Drake’s situation because he was similarly criticized for years.
“I used to get the same thing,” Nelly said. “‘You should do this more. You should do that more.’ But the reality of the situation is that you have fans that like you to do both. So you try to create as a testament to your ability to do both.”
When asked if he preferred Drake as a singer or rapper, Nelly said:
“I just like Drake,” Nelly said. “It’s not about whether I like him singing or rapping. He’s Drake. I hate when people do that. It’s almost like segregation or something. Can’t the dude just be him? Let’s just be a person. Let’s not limit. Just be an artist.”
Photos: Johnny Louis/ and Splash News
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