Thursday, 7 November 2013

Justin Bieber's Camp Trying To Convince Fans Brazilian Babe Who Filmed Him Is NOT A Hooker, Just A Backstabber!

Hookergate might soon be all cleared up…or at least that's what Biebsy's people are hoping!
While it's been rumored that Justin Bieber visited a brothel in Brazil and partied with prostitutes, it all became a bit more suspicious when video footage leaked of the teen king sleeping as a woman left his room and blew kisses.

We have already revealed who that mystery woman is…but what everyone wants to know is, well, does Tati Neves get paid for doing the dandy deed???

And apparently some people *cough*Team Biebs*cough* want us to believe that answer is a big, fat no because people from his side are reporting that not only is she not a prostitute, but she's apparently not trustworthy!

Big shocker on that last detail! LOL!

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The Biebs' people are apparently scrambling to clear up this rumored sexcapade mess by admitting that he DID hold a party at his rented home in Brazil and later passed out. Unfortunately, it seems someone in his entourage should've confiscated the lil' lady's phone because that's when the party girl videotaped the Biebs and led us all the believe naughty times were had by all.

The Canadian cutie has reportedly been telling friends he's upset about the video and having to defend himself. Or maybe he's just upset about the hooker cat being out of the bag??

The real question left is…hooker or not, what kind of security does the Biebs hire???

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