Justin Bieber has run into trouble. The 19-year-old has been charged for vandalism after spray-painting a wall during a graffiti session in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil earlier this week. 
Local authorities officially laid charges on Bieber on Friday, after gathering testimony for three days from photographers on scene, police officers, and Justin’s security guards according to E! News.

Earlier this week, police in Rio received a complaint about Bieber and his friends spray-painting graffiti on the wall of former Hotel Nacional in the JoĆ” area.
 Bieber’s camp says the pop star was given permission by Rio’s City Hall to do graffiti at a different location, but felt the area given was in a dangerous neighborhood which lead to them choosing another location assuming it was an abandoned building. Justin will not be arrested and is to pay a fine. A local judge will examine all of the evidence to determine the cost of the fine.