This is definitely a first for major sporting events. According to the Washington Times, Russia is trying to ban the use of all social media by journalists covering the 2014 games in Sochi. 
The paper says the head of the state-run R-Sport news agency, Vasily Konov, was quoted stating: “Journalists using mobile phones to film athletes or spectators will be considered a serious violation and will result in cancellation of accreditation.”
“Organizers won’t be able to have any effect on normal spectators, but supporters will be banned from bringing reflex cameras and nonprofessional equipment to the competitions,” Mr. Konov said Friday at the National Forum, a training seminar for sports journalists in Sochi.
Apparently, Russia wants to stop all social outlets like Twitter and IG from being used during the games. There’s been some conflicting reports on this, however, so stay tuned for more updates. See Also: Russian LGBT activists in U.S. to lobby against anti-gay law