Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Does Ciara Know About This Bish?

According to Allhiphop.com, curvaceous and well-put together Jessica is the woman that rapper Future Hendrix was supposedly sending his phone number to on Twitter.com last week.
As some of you already know, Future mistakenly tweeted his cell phone number on his public timeline instead of sending it discreetly via Twitter’s private messaging service. When Future realized his error he quickly deleted the tweet. But not before his followers grabbed a screen shot for posterity.

But if Jessica was the intended recipient of Future’s errantly tweeted phone number, shouldn’t she already have his number written down in several places?
Or did Future’s fiancĂ©e, songbird Ciara, find out about Future’s breezy and force him to change his cell phone number?
This scenario does make sense since Ciara obviously has Future’s cell phone password — and would be the first to know if he texted his number to Jessica.
Future recently proposed to Ciara because he knows that’s what she wanted. But does Ciara know what Future wants?
Mistakenly tweeting his number on his timeline was just plain careless and stupid. Was he that anxious for Jessica to call him? Speaking of stupid, will Ciara still trot down the aisle with Future, knowing that he’s a cheating dog?
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