Sunday, 17 November 2013

Colin Farrell Has A Run-In With An Over-Loving Fan

Receiving some unexpected company this weekend, Irish stud Colin Farrell had a run-in with a crazed fan, who trespassed on his Los Angeles home over the weekend.
The man reportedly went to the 37-year-old's house on Saturday afternoon (November 16), in hopes to see his idol, but when he went directly to the front door, Colin was alarmed, and had his assistant call the police.

After police arrived and took the suspect into custody, they questioned him, and had him restrained on a 5150 psychiatric hold.
The fan's name has not been released, however, reports state that he is not a United States citizen, and that he came to America for the sole purpose of finding and meeting Colin Farrell. Stay linked to GossipCenter as details surrounding Colin Farrell's over-zealous fan unfold!
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