Already being labeled as a “young Mariah Carey,” Ariana Grande is on her way to becoming the next iconic pop star. Before she was even known as a singer, the songstress played roles on Nickelodeon teen sitcoms like Victorious and Sam & Cat.
These days, Ariana is cutting songs with the likes of Mac Miller and Big Sean. She’s all grown up but isn’t ready to go Miley Cyrus just yet. At age 20, Grande has her whole career ahead of her, and for Complex’s split cover with Eminem, Joe La Puma profiled the starlet and opened up a new side of music’s current big thing.

Complex: Are you annoyed when people compare you to Mariah Carey?
Ariana: At first impression I think it’s an obvious comparison to draw because of the range and style of throwback R&B. But as you listen to the whole album, Yours Truly, you get to know my sound. You get to know Ariana. If I complained about being compared to the greatest vocalist who ever lived, I would be a very dumb, ungrateful person. So I can’t complain. It’s a massive compliment.
You think she’s the greatest vocalist?
For sure. Her voice is something that’s untouched: her range, her control, and her ability. I take it as a compliment but I’m very excited when people listen to my whole album and get to know my sound.
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