Friday, 4 October 2013

WEIRD!!!!!!36 Of the Most Random Ways To Die...!!!!

These have to be some of the most random ways to die.\

1. Overeating At A Feast Given In Your Honor – Julien Offray de La Mettrie (1751)
2. Being Hit By A Canonball That Was Fired As A Salute To You – John Kendrick (1794)
3. Drowning In A Flood Of Beer (Or Being Injured In A Beer Flood) (Or Getting Alcohol Poisoning In A Beer Flood) – London Beer Flood (1814)
4. Sticking A Piece Of Whale Bone Through Your Urinary Tract To Clear A Blockage – Gouverneur Morris (1816)
5. Swinging A Baseball Bat So Hard That It Ruptures Your Bladder – Jim Creighton (1862)
6. Accidentally Shooting Yourself In Court While Demonstrating To A Jury How Your Client’s Alleged Victim Might Have Accidentally Shot Himself – Clement Vallandigham (1871)
7. Being Poisoned, Shot In The Head, Shot Three More Times, Bludgeoned, Castrated, And Then Thrown Into A River Only For The Cause Of Death To Be Drowning – Grigori Rasputin (1916)
8. Being Crushed Or Drowned By Molasses – Boston Molasses Disaster (1919)
9. Being Hit By A Pitch – Ray Chapman (1920)
10. Being Bit By A Monkey – Alexander I Of Greece (1920)

11. Having Your Costume Set Ablaze By An Errant Disposed Match – Martha Mansfield (1923)
12. Having Your Racecar’s Drive Chain Snap And Decapitate You – J. G. Parry-Thomas (1927)
13. Having Your Long Scarf Get Caught In The Wheel Of The Car You Are Riding In, Thus Breaking Your Neck – Isadora Duncan (1927)
14. Committing Suicide In Prison Using A Bomb Made Out Of Playing Cards That Had A Flammable Chemical In Their Red Ink – William Kogut (1930)
15. Falling Down A Chimney Into The Furnace After Mistaking The Chimney For A Balcony – Sirkka Sari (1939)
16. Having A Stroke After Reading A Negative Premature Obituary Of Yourself – Marcus Garvey (1940)
17. Accidentally Torpedoing Your Own Ship – HMS Trinidad (1942) and the USS Tang (1944)
18. Being Crushed By Giant Stacks Of Newspapers, Books, And Other Large Items That You Have Been Hoarding – Langley Collyer (1947)
19. Crashing Your Racecar When A Bird Flies Into Your Face – Alan Stacey (1960)
20. Having A Surfboard On Your Convertible Hit Another Car, Spin Around, And Break Your Neck – Worth Bingham (1966)
21. Being Electrocuted Onstage By A Live Microphone – Leslie Harvey (1972)
22. Drinking Yourself To Death With Carrot Juice – Basil Brown (1974)
23. Being Crushed To Death Between A Moving Wall And A Stationary Wall In A Disneyland Ride – Deborah Gail Stone (1974)
24. Laughing Yourself To Death Watching The Goodies – Alex Mitchell (1975)
25. Being Poisoned By A Modified Umbrella – Georgi Markov (1978)
26. Being Struck By A Flying Model Lawnmower At A New York Jets Halftime Show – John Bowen (1979)
27. Achieving A High Score In The Video Game Berserk – Jeff Dailey (1981), Peter Burkowski (1982) (Both boys were young and healthy but died of heart attacks after getting high scores.)
28. Choking On An Eye Drop Bottle Cap – Tennessee Williams (1983)
29. Getting Hit In The Balls By A Tennis Ball – Dick Wertheim (1983)
(After being hit in the balls, Wertheim collapsed and hit his head on the pavement.)

30. Being Crushed By Several 25-Pound Boxes Of Quarters When Braking Suddenly, While Driving A Brinks Truck – Hrand Arakelian (1986)
31. Throwing Yourself Through A Window Trying To Illustrate That The Glass Is Unbreakable (In Fairness The Glass Didn’t Break, But Popped Out Of The Window Frame) – Gary Hoy (1993)
32. Handcuffing Yourself To A Tree In A Remote Forest And Throwing The Key Out Of Reach – Richard Sumner (2002)
33. Playing Starcraft For Too Long – Lee Seung Seop (2005)
34. Winning A Bet That You Could Have Continuous Sex With Two Women For 12 Hours Straight – Sergey Tuganov (2009)
35. Being Crushed In Your Car By A Rolling Bale Of Hay – Mike Edwards (2010)
36. Riding Your Segway Off Of A Cliff – Jimi Heselden (2010)(Owner Of The Segway Motorized Scooter Company)
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