Friday, 18 October 2013

Prince Harry Opens Blast Injury Center in London

Fresh off a morning playing rugby, Prince Harry cleaned up for an appearance at the opening of the Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies in London.
The red haired prince looked handsome in a dark blue suit and a striped tie as he toured the facility, even donning a personalized "HRH" lab coat to check out the "Shock Tube" Laboratory.

Taking up the cause, which was very important to his late mother, Princess Diana, Harry remarked "Today, I have had a brief insight into the work of the Center including how injured cells are analyzed. In the past I've met numerous service men and women injured in operations, many by IEDs and landmines. Their stories are harrowing and inspirational as I am sure you all know. Watching the IED simulation reminded me of the catastrophic trauma experienced by the human body during IED or mine-strikes."

He continued, "To me this makes their extraordinary stories of recovery all the more outstanding. This issue affects people on a global scale and whilst work at the Center is strongly focussed on military casualties, its findings will no doubt also provide significant humanitarian benefits across the world. The Royal British Legion and Imperial have joined forces to tackle this issue head on. Without this partnership the Centre would quite simply not become a reality."
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