Monday, 7 October 2013

Miley Cyrus NOT Dating Theo Wenner

Miley Cyrus is “moving on” from Liam Hemsworth with Rolling Stonephotographer Theo Wenner, according to a completely false rumor being spread by outlets like RadarOnline andHollywoodLife.

The story seems to have originated with a RadarOnline piece about Cyrus ditching the “Saturday Night Live” after-party for a “secret rendezvous” with Wenner.

According to the webloid, Cyrus spent the party texting with Wenner, then abruptly left the soiree and spent the next hour being driven around New York in an effort to lose the paparazzi, before an “apparent” meet-up with Wenner.

RadarOnline provides no evidence or photos whatsoever, but does have a “source” who says Cyrus “clearly had been dropped off somewhere to spend the night.”


HollywoodLife, always happy to spread exaggerated or just plain made-up Cyrus rumors, hopped on the story and made it even worse.
The blog calls Wenner the singer’s “reported new boyfriend” and says she’s “moving on” from Hemsworth with him (see above).

“This guy sounds like he could totally make Miley forget about Liam!” shrieks HollywoodLife, which says that the duo have a “blossoming new romance” — but offers absolutely no proof, additional details, or sourcing.

Gossip Cop checked with an actual source close to the situation — and we’re told the rumors of a Cyrus-Wenner romance are completely wrong.

The two are just friendly — not dating — Gossip Cop is told.
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