Friday, 18 October 2013

Ladies, let what lies beneath lie beneath

Ladies, let what lies beneath lie beneath 
The concept is already disturbing enough as it is. The visibility of a line, print or the entire thing itself arouses much curiosity. Yet here we are, talking about the visible panty line.For purposes of clarification, the panty is part of underwear, which means we who see you do not even need to know you are wearing one.

It is not easy to blame the fast rate at which this unsightly arrangement is seen on mainly ladies’ behinds. Perhaps it is the light materials currently trending or the over sexing of our society or it could even be just sheer carelessness. When the panty you choose to wear is so tight that the elastic bands cut into your butt cheeks, it is not sexy.

That smoothly rounded behind you are seeking to create by wearing a body hugging dress is then distorted by those ugly lines. As if that is not enough, that we have to contend with the well-defined cellulite bumps on your behind, we now have to trace where your panty cuts!

Whether it is the dainty lace elastic or the thick one commonly found on cotton or spandex knickers, no one should ever trace, through your fabric, the course it travels. You would think that buying a wellfitting panty which covers the butt cheeks to the right extent, is an easy choice, but alas in this fashion world, so obsessed with being slim, many of the plumper ladies find comfort in deluding themselves that they are indeed slim; song purchase panties too small for them.

Then there maybe those who have truly lost weight but still find comfort in wearing the oversized panties, not knowing that they have the bad habit of wrinkling and bunching! Maybe you have the right size of panty on, but we still see your panty line. The colour plays a major role too.
A panty too light, too dark or with a busy pattern easily shows through light fabric like Lycra, or chiffon. Even those little nylon linings that come already sewn into the outfit are too weak to conceal your panty.Now you know why your mother bought you a half-slip! Shape wear, boy shorts, boxer shorts or briefs will save you all this trouble, my sister.
For one, they hold all the essentials together and do not cut through. Seamless panties have flooded the market as have thongs so ladies, you really are spoilt for choice, and there is no excuse whatsoever for you to torment people with your panty trail.
If push comes to shove, and you still see your panty line when you check your rear view, then go commando but only if the fabric is heavy because we are too busy considering the dollar rate, the market price of coffee and the weather to deal with your jiggling backside! In all  this the key point, dear ladies, is let what lies beneath, lie beneath!

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