Thursday, 17 October 2013

Kim Kardashian’s Old Engagement Ring Snags $620K at Auction!

He had his heart broken by Kim Kardashian after only 72 days of marriage, so it’s no wonder Kris Humphries wanted to get rid of the engagement ring he bought her.
The NBA basketball stud put the 16.21-carat center diamond bling up for auction with Christie’s NYC on Tuesday (October 15) and it fetched an impressive $620,000 (the winning buyer will actually shell out $749,000).

However, Humphries is said to have spent $2 million on the ring initially, so that’s actually a pretty massive loss. Kris is reportedly planning on donating a portion of the funds to charity.

An inside source previously told press, "Kim has been waiting for the day he would auction it. Everyone always asked what Kim did with the ring -- she silently gave it back over a year ago! And Kris waited until the divorce was final to sell it."
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