Saturday, 5 October 2013

Kim Kardashian is Already Bored with Motherhood — and I Don't Blame Her!!!!!!

Kim Kardashian has only been a mother for some few months, but according to "a source close to her" she's already really bored and missing her old life. As is the case with pretty much everything reported about Kim K, a lot of people are criticizing her over this. I admit I rolled my eyes a bit, but I get it, because what she's feeling is perfectly normal. 
Let's be honest. In a lot of ways parenting a newborn is boring. Think about all the things you do when you first have a baby - the feedings, diaper changes, time spent trying to get your baby to sleep - they can be repetitive. They're also amazing, heart-swelling, and life affirming moments, but there's no denying they aren't the most intellectually stimulating ways to spend time.

It's also easy to see how Kim K might be missing her old life. Just about all new parents go through an adjustment period where they realize that the fun, carefree, and sometimes irresponsible things they did before their baby are suddenly a thing of the past (at least for a while).
Take going out with your friends. I found that once I became a mom I mainly saw my friends when I was with my kids, which meant we got together at baby-friendly events like lunches, picnics, or quiet visits at one of our homes. That time together was great, but when our visits ended and my (child-free) friends went off to spend the night at a club or concert - the kind of stuff I, too, used to do before kids - It was hard not to feel a tiny bit sad about what I was missing.
It is possible, of course, for new parents to go out at night with friends from time to time, but not without a huge production. It takes a lot of scheduling ("Would you be available to watch the baby on the 19th of October?"), instruction-giving ("She won't be able to sleep unless she has her blanket which is in this drawer."), and extra money ("You charge how much per hour?") And those nights out aren't as satisfying as they once were because you're no longer able to act as silly or stay out as late as you once could. You're someone's parent now and you need to be responsible for them.
 The good news for Kim and all new parents is that it gets easier to have a social life as time goes on. Packing the baby bag becomes a snap, you find babysitters you trust, and your kids get older and less-difficult to take into public. Most importantly, though, there's also a parenting secret that likely would surprise Kim Kardashian at the moment: the longer you're a parent, the less concerned you are about keeping up the kind of social life you once did. 
-By Heather Spohr 
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