Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Justin Bieber Caught Smoking A Joint With Ariana Grande!?!? See The Incriminating Photo HERE!

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Oh noes!!!
A controversial new pic circling the Interwebs shows Justin Bieberlighting up next to a woman who looks very much like Ariana Grande!!!!
We already knew The Big Beiberoni liked his blunts, but are his party-boi ways rubbing off on other younger stars?
Has he wrangled the slightly older & impressionable Champagne-popping singer into the dangerous & seedy underworld of illicit drug use? Is she now living her days under a THC-tinged cloud of marijuana smoke!?

The incriminating Instagram photo making the rounds (above) certainly makes it seem that way!
Of course, we can't be positive that it's Ariana! Maybe it's her twinzie!!! Maybe JB custom built a doll in her likeness, and that doll likes to get high!!
Maybe that is Ariana, but maybe blunt he's holding is filled with something else entirely!!
It could simply be harmless deadly tobacco! Or oregano laced with rainbow sprinkles!! Or heroin laced with PCP! Or maybe it's a cinnamon stick!!
Perhaps the entire picture is Photoshopped! We have no Earthy clue!
One fact is painfully evident, though — Justin can barely keep his eyes open!!!
The 19-year-old superstar must be up past his bedtime again!! Hopefully this next hit puts him right to sleep!!!!
[Image via Instagram.]
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