Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez's Son's Name Revealed!! Itssss...

halle berry olivier martinezs sons name revealed find out what it is here

What's in a name? Or rather, what's in this name?

Well, there are two names that are totally normal, and one we've never even heard before!

Most of us know by now that Halle Berry gave birth to a healthy boy last Saturday, but what most of us didn't know was the little one's name!

We're assuming that most of America's workplace had some sort of office pool going to guess what the name was going to be, and we're also assuming that no one had the correct choice!

Because Halle and her hubby Olivier Martinez have revealed Nahla's little brother's name, and it's a doozy! 

The name of the little man is…

Maceo Robert Martinez!!!

The name Maceo literally translates to Gift of God, and was a popular name from the 9th to 14th centuries. It makes sense that Halle would choose this name since she's mentioned before how her pregnancy had to have been a gift from God.

Although it is an unusual name, we actually love it!

Congratulations again, Halle! Hopefully you won't make us wait too long for those baby pictures!!!
Image via Ramey Pix.]
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