Thursday, 17 October 2013

Chris Brown & Drake Hit the Studio & Let Bygones Be Bygones

They’ve been locked in one of the fiercest pop music feuds in recent memory, but now it seems Drake and Chris Brown have elected to bury the hatchet.

Early Thursday morning (October 3), the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer took to his Facebook page to share a staggering message- “Hangin with Drake in the studio.”

The fact that Brown and Drake were able to be in the same room without brawling is impressive on its own, not to mention the notion that they’re actually working together on music!

An insider told press that the truce began at the iHeartRadio Music Festival last month. "They made peace and are cool now. Rihanna is in the past and all the drama. They decided to start fresh and be cool with each other and they are now."
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