Tuesday, 24 September 2013

K. Michelle Thinks She Deserves a Grammy Nomination

K. Michelle Thinks She Deserves a Grammy
Love & Hip Hop: NY cast member K. Michelle believes her latest album is good enough to earn her a Grammy nod. But the Grammy folks don’t think so — and for good reason: she sucks!
K. Michelle thought she could parlay a reality TV acting job into a successful music career. She forgot that she isn’t taken seriously as a singer because she doesn’t have the respect of her peers in the music industry.
K. Michelle’s 2nd recording contract with RCA Records in 2011 ended abruptly due to her abrasive attitude.
Michelle laughably suggested that Grammy “politics” would be the only reason she didn’t get a nomination — not the fact that she hasn’t proven herself as an accomplished artist.
“I feel like I’m not a very political artist,” she said. “I just make great music for the people,” she said in a video interview with Page 31.
She added: “Definitely if I did not get those nods, I think everyone would be fully aware as to why.”
I don’t know about everyone else, but I know why this arrogant broad will never get a Grammy.
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