Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Never-Before-Seen Photos of Prince

You don’t understand how the young girls swooned over this man when his single "Soft and Wet” was released in 1978. We didn’t have blogs or even the Internet back then, so we didn’t see Prince’s Metrosexuality gradually transform before our very eyes. Prince emerged on the scene at a time when the Jackson 5′s popularity was waning, and he was so beautifu with his piercing brown eyes and big afro.

Then BAM! His self-titled album dropped in 1979, and the boy was wearing lip gloss and had a press and curl more fierce than mine Confusion reigned among my friends. You have to remember, bisexuality was not as prevalent or socially acceptable in the ’70s as it is now.

These never before published photos of a 19- year-old Prince were taken in Minneapolis just before the release of his 1978 debut album,Prince For You, when Prince was still sexy and black was still beautiful.

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