Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless and Pulls Shorts Down to Entice Fans to Do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

After doing it once on Saturday at the request of manager Scooter Braun (and subsequently nominating President Obama, Ellen DeGeneres and actor Chris D'Elia), the singer did it again yesterday afternoon.

This time, he challenged "Beliebers all over the world" to do it...while he stood in front of the camera shirtless (he wore a long tank the first go round)...with his white Calvin Kleins peeking out of his shorts. The last bit further fueled rumors that he's the new CK spokesmodel. Not that we're complaining!

Interesting tactic, Biebs! If his fans were hesitant to dump ice water on themselves, they surely changed their minds after he raised temps with his hot bod and teased them by pulling his shorts down.

"I know you got an ice bucket somewhere," said Justin, who curiously used a cooking pot and wastebasket in his challenges. But that's none of our business. Well, you heard the guy. It's your turn!

Check out how his on-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and her BFF, Taylor Swift, fared by clicking here.

Drama (Ice) Queens! Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez's Hilarious ALS Ice Bucket Challenges

What were Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez up to this past weekend? Just chillin. Like for real.

The besties took part in the wildly popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which raises money and awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerossis, a devastating neurological disorder better known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Tay, who was nominated by pals Lily Aldridge and Ingrid Michaelson, was up first.

Prior to getting her Frozen on, Tay along with actress Jaime King gathered a group of willing participants and said they'd donate $100 as well as on behalf of everyone in the video to help the cause.

9 Celebrity Moms Who Don’t Act (or Look) Their Age

These hot Hollywood moms prove that age is nothing but a number. They're stunning – and, in some cases, even more gorgeous than they were 20 years ago. They're also doing things that most moms aren't doing, especially those over 40, like performing on stage six weeks after giving birth and gallivanting on the beach with a guy who's a decade younger (and a model). Here, nine celebrity moms who dazzle us:


Demi Moore
She's 51, but Demi's got the body of a 20-year-old. Makes sense since that's about the age of every guy she dates. reports that Demi's new conquest, drummer Sean Friday, is 27!
Photo Credit: Getty

12 Actresses Getting By On Their Looks Alone

Jessica Alba Into The Blue
They're insanely gorgeous and have amazing bodies, but that's about all in the case of these 12 actresses; all of whom we believe are only famous for their looks.

Consider stars like Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba. Does anything in either of their filmographies stand out? If so, it's a good bet they were cast in it for their looks alone.

Biel had a promising career thanks to 7th Heaven but in 2000 she posed topless for Gear magazine, thinking it would land her more mature roles. All it really did was get her noticed for how hot she was and cast as the desirable eye-candy types -- like the promiscuous teen in the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' novel The Rules of Attraction; or a fighter jet pilot in box office bomb Stealth, which lost $78 million and couldn't carry itself based on her appearance in a bikini during the film's only memorable scene.

Someone Handed Their Baby to Lady Gaga and This Is What Happened

This baby has absolutely NO idea how lucky she is. None!

During Lady Gaga's ArtRave stop in Australia, the pop star went outside to greet her fans, which she frequently does. People usually hand her gifts they've made her, or memorabilia for her to sign - you know, that kind of stuff.

At this particular fan meeting, however, Mother Monster got handed something rather unusual - someone's child! Even the baby is like 'did that just happen?!' In fact, the look on the little one's face pretty much sums up how we were feeling about the whole thing.

2015 NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show Finalists: Rihanna, Katy Perry & Coldplay

The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience
Good news, the three finalists to perform at next year’s NFL Super Bowl halftime show have been chosen. Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Coldplay are the choices, with an announcement of the winner coming in the next few months. The bad news, the artist who gets picked may have to pay to perform.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Michael Jackson's Son Prince Is All Grown Up

Michael Jackson was very careful to keep his children out of the public eye in whatever ways he could. He often had the children go out wearing masks or other coverings over their faces so that they didn't become public figures and start getting recognized.

"I was really confused, like I didn't get why I was wearing a mask," Michael's daughter, Paris told Oprah, back in 2012. "But I understand it now, why our dad would want our face to be covered, so we went out without him, we wouldn't be recognized and we could have a normal childhood."

New Music: Jeezy “Holy Ghost”

Jeezy Tuesday continues. Completing the trifecta of records today is a song off Young Jeezy’s upcoming Seen It All LP. Available for pre-order now on iTunes, fans who purchase in advance receives a free download of track No. 5 “Holy Ghost.” Produced by Don Cannon and Lyle LeDuff, listen to the eerie cut as Jeezy goes into classic hood storytelling mode.
Due September 2, Seen It All features appearances from Jay Z, Rick Ross, The Game, Akon, Lil’ Boosie, YG, and more.

Business Woman: Kysha Cameron

Kysha Cameron
Kysha Cameron made the transition from housewife and mom to a successful business woman and philanthropist. Kysha and other business leaders and entrepreneurs will share the secrets to their success at the Women on the MOVE Summit 2014 at the Riverdale Town Centre on Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 9:00am.

Nicki Minaj, Jessie J. & Ariana Grande Star In New Beats By Dre Commercial

Their hot new collaboration “Bang Bang” is rising up the charts, now Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana Grande are the faces of Beats By Dre’s latest ad. The three leading ladies get prepared for a night out, promoting the Pink Colr Mixr and Pink Pill XL speakers, both exclusively available at Target.
Expect an official music video for “Bang Bang” to arrive soon as the Hannah Lux Davis-directed was filmed in late July.